Roundup: Grisanti’s Assault; Primary Dates; Piling on DiNapoli

"Borough President Markowitz and his wife raised a glass to hundreds of Brooklyn couples celebrating a lifetime of love after fifty years or more of marriage."

The weird Mark Grisanti saga continued.

Grisanti is back on the job after the assault.

He answered questions.

Shelly Silver pushed for one primary election date.

In response, Tom Libous said it’s unfortunate to “begin a political process now.”

Governor Cuomo is ready to step in over teacher evaluations.

Everyone piled on Tom DiNapoli over his opposition to Cuomo’s pension plan.

Unions came to his defense.

Richard Ravitch was also skeptical of the plan.

Somebody not a big fan of Ed Towns made a political argument over his remarks on Whitney Houston.

Rory Lancman kept up the heat on Bob Turner.

Mayor Bloomberg continued to defend ending worship services in public schools.

Ten Council Members are going to Israel.

Council candidate Andy Sullivan wants to send a message.

Nan Hayworth holds the GOP position on the contraception compromise.

John Sampson spent campaign cash on the AEG scandal.

The Prospect Park West bike lane fight continues.

Mixed Martial Arts continues its fight for legalization.

Roger Stone left the GOP.

NYC’s Independence Party engaged in some antics.

On the presidential race:

How somebody besides Mitt Romney could win the nomination.

Lobbyists are boosting his campaign.

His campaign doe not have a comment for your story, thank you very much.

Rick Santorum, surging.

He has a love of hydrofracking.

Newt Gingrich’s Facebook timeline doesn’t mention everything.

The National Review wants him gone.

Some NYU college students held a pro-Gingrich sleepover.

Roundup: Grisanti’s Assault; Primary Dates; Piling on DiNapoli