Roundup: Liu’s Fundraiser Goes Pop; Obama Looking Better

Mayoral Candidate Tom Allon hosts a Stuyvesant Party (Photo: Facebook)

A John Liu fundraiser just got indicted on federal charges.

possible primary challenge to Margaret Chin emerged, saying she’s “one Chinese opponent away from losing.” Hmm.

While the Queens GOP searches for Asian-American candidates.

The City Council unsuccessfully attempted to get the NYPD to talk about reckless drivers.

New Yorkers are souring on legalized gambling.

The national Democratic group fundraised for Lew Fidler.

Andrew Gounardes took a whack at Marty Golden.

City Council candidate Mel Wymore accidentally sent out a tweet.

Rachel Maddow’s blog suggested Michael Grimm stay away from health care policy.

Dan Halloran’s website controversy, exposed.

David Paterson “remembered” meeting Jeremy Lin.

Lots of people are getting gay married.

Chris Christie has a related headache.

On the presidential race:

The deadline is approaching to register for the GOP presidential primary.

President Obama’s reelection prospects are looking nicer.

Daily Kos wants to make mischief.

Nobody likes Newt Gingrich.

Here’s a chart to help follow the delegate race.

While here’s a chart to help follow Jeremy Lin and Rick Santorum.

Santorum released a catchy attack ad:

Roundup: Liu’s Fundraiser Goes Pop; Obama Looking Better