Roundup: More On Grimm; Pols at the Minority Caucus

Michael Grimm on Good Day New York (Photo: MyFoxNY)

Understatement of the day: “Grimm recently made headlines after The Post broke the story about a mailbox being stolen from in front of his New Springville home sometime between Feb. 6 and 7.”

Michael Grimm said the Times has an anti-Catholic agenda against him.

On the Times, Guy Molinari said, “[D]on’t let these shit-ass newspapers tell you what to do.”

He said he’s still an unofficial surrogate for Mitt Romney.

George Maragos said the contraception debate has “nothing to do with the health and well-being of women.”

Charles Barron would have liked to see Governor Cuomo address the minority caucus this weekend.

Cuomo did honor Denny Farrell at a separate reception.

On redistricting, Cuomo is “unmistakably laying the groundwork for the possibility of a cop-out.”

David Storobin switched campaign managers.

Tom Allon has a big fan in the Queens Tribune.

The NYPD kept tabs on Muslims throughout the Northeast.

Albany battles to control prescription drug abuse.

ESPN’s infamous headline slur looked like an honest mistake.

California Rep. Judy Chu slammed ESPN for it.

Timothy Dolan, for lent and for his diet, says there “will be no more pasta.”

We’ve never had a president from Brooklyn.

On the presidential race:

Mitt Romney is confident about winning Michigan.

He might have momentum in the state.

A poll indicated Arizona could be close.

Ron Paul raised $4.5 million in January.

Newt Gingrich hopes the South will heal his wounded campaign. Roundup: More On Grimm; Pols at the Minority Caucus