Roundup: More on Hou & Liu; Free John Haggerty; Michigan & Arizona

A "Free John Haggerty" tote bag. (Photo: CafePress)

John Liu can only plead ignorance for so long.

Christine Quinn made a cameo appearance in Jenny Hou’s complaint.

Liu may have known about some of the sketchy donations.

Domenic Recchia, Tom Allon and Greg Floyd reacted.

Lew Fidler and David Storobin are still set to debate Thursday, according to the debate’s organizers. Tomorrow night’s one may still be in doubt.

Get your Free John Haggerty swag. Context here.

Mayor Bloomberg said parents have the right to see teacher evaluations.

Everybody loves the hypothetical new Latino Congressional seat.

The weighted convention vote for the GOP was released.

Wendy Long moved forward with her campaign.

Citizens Union’s latest on redistricting.

League of Women voters urged a veto.

There’s Brooklyn leadership vote in the City Council tomorrow.

Joyce Johnson said a Charlie Rangel staffer intimidated one of her supporters.

Roberto Perez interviewed Andrew Gounardes.

Mark Grisanti got the Independence Party endorsement.

Yet Another Bad Headline for Michael Grimm.™

Richard Becker kept attaching Grimm to Nan Hayworth.

Jessica Lappin wants to crack down on illegal motorized bikes.

FYI: “Fracking Decision Has Become Political.”

On the presidential race:

Mitt Romney will win big in Arizona tonight.

Rick Santorum predicted a surprise in tonight’s other contest, Michigan.

He has some momentum in the polling there.

What does a good scenario for Romney look like now?

Romney doesn’t like Santorum’s desperate, dirty tricks.

Headline: “Santorum to Romney: Stop whining” Roundup: More on Hou & Liu; Free John Haggerty; Michigan & Arizona