Roundup: Redistricting Confusion; Jenny Hou’s Lawyer; Reflecting on Michigan

This is a cool picture of Councilman Steve Levin. (Photo: Facebook)

Jenny Hou’s lawyer is on John Liu’s payroll, raising all sorts of fun questions.

Due to his health, Lew Fidler is unable to make the candidate forum tonight or the debate tomorrow.

Brad Lander whacked the NY Post over their coverage of the Associated Press.

An AP reporter explained the stories.

David Greenfield, who still hasn’t endorsed in the race, whacked an editor at Hamodia over his coverage of Fidler.

The Brooklyn Young Democrats were also critical of a Hamodia op-ed.

Joe Calvin is pro-choice.

The DCCC gathered a lot of bad headlines about Michael Grimm.

Here’s a good round-up of the redistricting nuggets leaking out about the Senate & Assembly Congressional maps.

Here’s how Brian Kolb would draw NYC.

Governor Cuomo added another vague redistricting statement for the pile.

From the archive: Mario Cuomo’s redistricting dilemma.

The City Council passed two data-transparency laws.

Business types Governor Cuomo.

His schedules are now up.

Jose Peralta wants his Facebook page to encourage debate.

Ken Biberaj has the start of his City Council campaign website up.

A New Yorker is running for Senate in Nebraska.

The fight over Brooklyn 11223 continued.

The Watertown Daily Times closed its D.C. bureau.

On the presidential race:

What did last night’s Michigan vote mean?

Rick Santorum claimed the results were bad for Mitt Romney.

Romney still has a glaring weakness or two.

Including a low-income problem.

Ron Paul will be on the top of New York’s ballot.

Roundup: Redistricting Confusion; Jenny Hou’s Lawyer; Reflecting on Michigan