Roundup: Redistricting; Skelos; Stop-And-Frisk

Councilman Vinnie Gentile received a traditional Yemeni "janbiya" dagger at a new business opening. (Photo: Facebook)

Shelly Silver hopes for early Congressional lines.

The prisoner redistricting lawsuit will proceed as planned.

Governor Cuomo said it’ll end up in the courts.

He also said he’s about efficiency, not power.

Dean Skelos said Mark Grisanti was right to defend his wife.

And spoke about his relationship with Governor Cuomo.

And got funny.

Sean Patrick Maloney filed for Maurice Hinchey’s Congressional District.

Mark Murphy once got struck by a meteor.

Ruben Diaz for Congress?

The NYPD defended stop-and-frisk.

Jumaane Williams called “bullshit.”

Not everyone likes Peter Koo.

Nicole Malliotakis wrote an op-ed on the prayer in school issue.

A Conservative Party poll found New Yorkers are opposed to the contraception mandate.

Video is now up for today’s David Storobin presser, heckler and all.

On the presidential race:

Mitt Romney has a plan to take out Rick Santorum.

Santorum has some women trouble.

But he’s ahead in the national polls.

Maine’s results are looking more funky.

Romney’s campaign strategized on not commenting.

The Obama campaign bought an ad for the Westminster Dog Show.

Newt Gingrich listed Chuck Norris as a “faith leader” backing him. Roundup: Redistricting; Skelos; Stop-And-Frisk