Roundup: Time Warner and MSG; Storobin’s Cash Money

Michael Grimm holds up copy his law to rename a post office after a marine hero and a presidential pen.

Governor Cuomo doesn’t look like he’ll veto the lines if the legislature will meet a few demands.

Time Warner and MSG reached a deal.

Politicians took credit.

Despite big promises, the Senate GOP only directly gave David Storobin $27k.

Storobin has a pretty high production-values Russian TV ad.

Lew Fidler, meanwhile, gave campaign money to the Senate Dems.

The Senate GOP picked sides in Westchester.

Minority legislators push Governor Cuomo on redistricting.

Tom DiNapoli opposes other aspects of Cuomo’s agenda.

David Paterson & Cuomo doled out the love.

The Independence Party became more centralized.

There won’t be any gay marriage in New Jersey in the near future.

John Liu has done nothing wrong.

The Peter Vallone/Politicker self-feedback loop continues.

On the presidential race:

Rick Santorum poached a key backer of Mitt Romney.

A Romney surrogate goes after said betrayal hard.

Santorum’s polling is holding solid so far.

Newt Gingrich’s Super PAC could be getting a $10 million boost.

Mitt Romney is quietly hitting Santorum.

Roundup: Time Warner and MSG; Storobin’s Cash Money