Sasasa-Sandro! Fashion Week Kicks Off (Kind Of Sort Of…)

Tacking together our schedule, The Observer noticed that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week technically starts Thursday, but nevertheless we found ourselves at a full-blown launch party Tuesday night.

Sandro Boutique West Village: Dree Hemingway for Sandro Launch Party

  • Equipped with enough Belvedere vodka to wipe out a Russian platoon, Sandro decided that this night was theirs.
  • Wait, who are all these people? Is that Mickey Boardman? Why is he the only person we recognize?
  • Hello beef carpaccio!
  • We overhear this gem of an exchange: “Ok hang on, so you’re telling me both of you are named Johanna?” Both of the girls named Johanna nod. “And you’re telling me you are both from Germany?” Again, synchronized nodding. “And neither of you have any real idea why you’re at this party?” This last round of nodding sends the leather clad inquirer into a state of deep reflection.
  • Borrowing the surprisingly lovely Ms. Hemingway for a moment, she revealed just how much she likes ready-to-wear. A lot. Further prodding revealed that she used “a vehicle” to get to where she is today. She declined to reveal which kind.

A quick colleague dinner in the West Village and we were off to Le Baron for the Sandro after party.

  • “Another round of Belvedere lemonade things!” The masterminds behind the previous open bar had worked some magic to replicate the endless flow of sweet-tooth vodka drinks to Andre Saraiva‘s latest iteration of his Parisian nightclub.
  • Saddled up, we start to watch the guest list from the launch party filter in…there are the Johannas!
  • Waris Ahluwalia saunters in, Ms. Hemingway in tow.
  • As the party gained momentum, we were losing it. This is going to be some week. We powered down for the evening in preparation.
Sasasa-Sandro! Fashion Week Kicks Off (Kind Of Sort Of…)