Schumer: Iranian Diplomats to U.N. Should Face Increased Scrutiny

Senator Schumer (Photo: Facebook)

Senator Chuck Schumer wrote a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today calling for “increased scrutiny” of the Iranian Mission to the United Nations in light of potential terrorist attacks against New York City. Pointing to NYPD’s director of intelligence warning that Iran is “essentially” the number one threat, Mr. Schumer argued these diplomats must “be vigorously monitored.”

“With Iran’s increasingly bellicose and threatening behavior, it’s imperative that agents of the Iranian government in the United States receive additional scrutiny to ensure that they pose no threat to New York or the rest of the country,” Mr. Schumer said in the statement.

“Time and time again, the Iranian government has demonstrated their refusal to operate under the rule of law and their willingness to use terror in order to intimidate those they don’t agree with,” he continued. “The State Department should do a top-to-bottom review of the credentials of any Iranian agent in the United States to ensure they pose no security threat.”

Read Mr. Schumer’s letter to Ms. Clinton below:

Dear Secretary Clinton,

I write to you regarding a serious security matter that potentially affects New York City and American interest. This month, three international bomb plots – linked to the Islamic Republic of Iran demonstrate the serious concerns that this dangerous regime could target New York City for an attack. As you may be aware, Israeli officials linked three bombing plots on Monday and Tuesday to Iranian terrorists — including one who blew off his own leg with a botched grenade toss in Bangkok, Thailand. And just yesterday, a bomb plot targeting another Israeli diplomatic in Tbilisi, Georgia, was thwarted by authorities.

Earlier this month, The U.S. Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper, told the Senate Intelligence Committee that Iran’s leaders seem prepared to attack U.S. interests overseas. Additionally, just last year we saw U.S. authorities successfully thwart an Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in our nation’s capitol. And in 2004 two security guards attached to the Iranian mission to the United Nations were expelled by the State Department after being caught conducting surveillance of city subways and landmarks. In light of this information, it is absolutely unacceptable that Iran’s U.N. mission is permitted to allow officials from Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence to live and operate in New York with official diplomatic cover.

The extreme and dangerous government of Iranian Leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad must be held accountable and the regime’s representatives and agents who work or reside on American oil must be vigorously monitored to ensure that they are not planning to, or successfully carry out, any plans that put American lives or interest at risk. Therefore, if there is any iota of suspicion that the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations is seeking to participate in any actions that can do any potential harm to New Yorkers or American interest, then the mission must receive as much scrutiny as U.S. law permits.

New York remains the nation’s most prominent terrorist target, and the threat that Iran poses to Americans can never be exaggerated. Thank you for your consideration of this very important request. Schumer: Iranian Diplomats to U.N. Should Face Increased Scrutiny