Senate approvals: School elections, oxygen shipments, vet teacher program, more

TRENTON – Several bills in the Senate today received unanimous support.

Here they are:

S173: This bill seeks to address the impending physician shortage in  New Jersey by directing the Commissioner of Health and Senior Services to convene a summit of state agencies, boards, and representatives of medical schools and teaching hospitals in the state.

The purpose would be to assess the physician work force, involve more community hospitals in resident rotations, and discuss expansion of residency slots, among other things.

S323: This bill permits county clerks to create an identification card for veterans who are residents of that county and do not hold an identification card issued by the federal government that identifies the person as a veteran.

They are designed to help veterans receive discounts or other courtesies for which they typically are eligible.

S503: This bill requires pharmacists and other providers of oxygen to notify the local fire department when they stop supplying oxygen to a patient’s residence. The bill also requires that in any case where the patient provided the notification to the fire department,  the patient or the patient’s representative must notify the fire company when the supply has been stopped.

S578: This bill designates Route 42 as the “Route 42 Purple Heart Memorial Highway” to honor the men and women who have received the Purple Heart in recognition of their sacrifice in military service.

S618: This bill ensures that traditional safety provisions regarding school buses – such as a stopped bus flashing its red lights when picking up or dropping off a child – also apply when the bus is picking up or discharging people with developmental disabilities.

The bill also has a provision allowing drivers to pass a school bus at no more than 10 miles per hour if that bus is parked at a curb and picking up or discharging a passenger with developmental disabilities on the same side of the street.

S873: This bill will permit the New Jersey Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development to request additional funds from the “Supplemental Workforce Fund for Basic Skills.”

Thirteen percent of all funds appropriated to the supplemental fund are allocated as a grant to provide basic skills training for displaced workers.

This bill provides that the consortium may request additional funds from the 25 percent of the supplemental funds that are allocated for grants to consortia.

S876: This bill would allow certain people with criminal records to be employed by holders of  alcoholic beverage licenses as long as the position does not require the preparation or service of alcoholic beverages, providing security or admission-monitoring services, or providing management or professional services.

Sex offenders would be barred.

S965: This bill would permit a municipality or fire district to appoint a civilian federal firefighter who lost his position as the result of downsizing at a federal military installation, even if the municipality has adopted the Civil Service rules. Under current law, a municipality may only hire a civilian federal firefighter, while ignoring Civil Service rules, if the military installation has been closed.

S1026: This bill establishes the “VETeach Pilot Program” to address the shortage of certified public school teachers that is anticipated to occur due to teacher retirements by taking advantage of the workforce represented by the state’s veterans.

Under the pilot program, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey will enroll, in a 36-month teacher preparation program, veterans who served in the armed forces on or after Sept.  11, 2001.

S1027: This bill extends the application deadline for 18 months, from Feb. 1, 2012 to Aug. 1, 2013, for the submission of certain project applications to the New Jersey Economic Development Authority for the authority’s review and approval.

S1084: This bill would allow a business or nonprofit organization to adopt certain responsibilities related to a stormwater management basin located in the Barnegat Bay watershed by entering into an agreement with the state or a local government ownership or control over the stormwater management basin.

S1328: This bill would permit the School District of South Orange and Maplewood, the only Type II school district with a board of school estimate, to choose to move the date of its annual school election to November.

The procedures would be identical to those set forth in the law that allowed districts without a board of school estimate to move elections to November.

SJR24: This joint resolution, a Senate amendment, 35-0, designates February as “Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month” in New Jersey.

Senate approvals: School elections, oxygen shipments, vet teacher program, more