Senate OKs school survey bill

TRENTON – The Senate approved 25-15 bill S454, which amends the law that required school districts to get written permission from a parent before a student could be administered certain surveys.

Under this revision, the written consent would be required only if the survey itself was required to be completed. Voluntary surveys would be preceded by a written notification being sent to the parent.

The bill was sponsored Sen. Shirley Turner, (D-15), of Trenton.

Sen. Gerry Cardinale, (R-39), Demarest objected to the “intrusive nature” of such questionnaires, adding that it takes away power from the parents.

“We should not be diminishing the role of the parents,” he said.

However, Sen. Robert Singer, (R-30), Lakewood, said it’s wrong to assume the children will bring the questionnaire to the parents.

“It just doesn’t happen,” he said.

But Turner said the survey can help provide “vital services” to children who may not have them.

“It will save not the just schools, and the taxpayers, but society,” she said.  

Senate OKs school survey bill