Sephardic Magazine Goes All Out for Storobin

<em>COMMUNITY Magazine</em>'s next cover

COMMUNITY Magazine, a monthly publication that claims a solid circulation in Brooklyn’s Sephardic Jewish community, not only endorsed the Republican candidate in the race to replace corrupt former State Senator Carl Kruger, but they went nuclear in working to persuade their readers follow suit.

Their message starts on the cover, which contains a giant picture of Mr. Storobin with the influential Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Belsky, declaring it a mitzvah (commandment) to vote for the candidate on March 20th.

Further into the magazine is another copy of the National Organization for Marriage’s advertisement blasting Mr. Storobin’s Democratic opponent, Councilman Lew Fidler. Digging even deeper is “A Message for the Community,” a two page document organized by the group Jews for Morality where 49 Rabbis declare it religiously forbidden to support Mr. Fidler on account of his support for gay marriage.

The magazine’s endorsement of Mr. Storobin is similarly extensive in its support and positively outlined the candidate’s policy positions on issues ranging from marriage to yeshiva vouchers, while declaring Mr. Storobin a “product of the proverbial American dream.”

They also dinged Mr. Fidler in the editorial, writing that “despite numerous attempts, Fidler’s camp appeared unresponsive – even after requests from Fidler’s publicity manager for an advance list of interview questions was expeditiously fulfilled.”

View the relevant pages of the magazine below:
Sephardic Magazine Goes All Out for Storobin