Aggregator Raises $530,000, Is Unrelated to SoupSoup

You know about soups, right?

Tumblelog startup just announced $530,000 led by Vienna-based SpeedInvest and a private beta launch for The new site is an updated version of the personalized aggregation-based blogging platform that didn’t quite get traction.

Post-pivot, resembles a personalized aggregator like Pinterest and Tumblr, with a heavy emphasis on visuals and marketed toward brands and indie businesses. “With, photographers can create exciting portfolio pages; designers can craft stunning layouts; musicians can implement timeline views for band histories; filmmakers can create elegant screening rooms for their works, and hackers can deliver scrapbooks of their data,” says a press release.

“ allows you to create your online identity in a compelling way by creating ‘soups’ with different ingredients that you can customize and evolve as you see fit,” founder Christopher Clay said in the release.

Unfortunately, many of the pictures and links on the still-in-alpha site appear to be broken, but the startup uploaded some screengrabs, which show a vision for a versatile site designed to feature rich media and third-party content. Worse, a German blog compared it to Facebook Timeline. Yeah, we’d call that a rocky start. will be based in New York and San Francisco, with a development team in Vienna. Anthony De Rosa, proprietor of the popular SoupSoup Tumblr, is not affiliated.

Aggregator Raises $530,000, Is Unrelated to SoupSoup