State audit discloses data security issues at some colleges

TRENTON – A state audit of data security at college and university computers found some room for improvement in certain instances.

While generally concluding that state higher-education computer networks have adequate security, the state audit had some recommendations.

“Most critically we discovered an instance where personally identifiable information was publicly accessible at one college,’’ the audit stated.

“This situation was addressed by the college and remedied immediately,’’ the audit found.

Among other findings:

Four of five colleges studied did not have an encryption strategy for laptops assigned to faculty and staff;

At two colleges, wireless signals were configured incorrectly so that internal network resources could be accessed prior to authentication;

Three colleges lacked smoke and water detectors in their data centers; one lacked fire extinguishers.

The five institutions selected for the audit were Thomas Edison State College, Rowan University, Richard Stockton College, New Jersey City University, and Montclair State University.

The institutions responded that they are in varying degrees of compliance, the audit concluded.



State audit discloses data security issues at some colleges