Storobin Says He Will Move Into New Orthodox District If Need Be

The new Orthodox Jewish state senate district

The Senate Republicans may have drawn their own special election candidate David Storobin out of the district he’s running in, but Mr. Storobin says he’ll simply move into the newly created Orthodox Jewish district if the maps hold.

“I will be running in November, no matter what the lines are,” he firmly stated at yesterday’s Brooklyn Young Republican Club meeting.

“I’ve lived in Boro Park more than anywhere in my life, and then I lived in Midwood,” he further added, citing the two central neighborhoods of the new district. “I went to FDR high school, which is in Boro Park. I do know where to get the good bagels there, I do know the shuls there, I do know everything there. It’s my neighborhood.”

Mr. Storobin’s Democratic opponent, Councilman Lew Fidler, was also drawn out of the district but told The Politicker he would “be running for re-election to the State Senate this November from a district that includes neighborhoods that currently dominate the … district.”

Under the currently proposed maps, it’s unclear what district that would be. But, as Mr. Storobin pointed out yesterday, the proposed lines are expected to change some.

“I don’t foresee those lines remaining because the Governor said he’s going to probably veto them, so the only way that there will probably not be a veto is for there to be change.”

Mr. Storobin and Mr. Fidler are currently running in a spirited special election to replace former State Senator Carl Kruger, who pleaded guilty to corruption charges and resigned last December.

Watch Mr. Storobin explain his redistricting situation below:

Storobin Says He Will Move Into New Orthodox District If Need Be