The Return of Vito Fossella?

Vito Fossella (Photo: Facebook)

Former Congressman Vito Fossella, who left Congress in 2008 following the revelation he had a second family in Washington D.C., didn’t rule out another Congressional bid when the Staten Island Advance spoke to him about fundraising allegations facing the current congressman in the seat, Michael Grimm.

Any speculation surrounding his possible campaign is “premature,” Mr. Fossella stated. However, the former Congressman did allow such speculation to continue. “What the future brings, I cannot say,” he added.

In a bizarre moment of the 2010 campaign, the Staten Island Republican Party’s executive committee endorsed Mr. Fossella to return to Washington, stunning many observers. Mr. Fossella ultimately backed down and Michael Grimm went on to win both the nomination and the general election.

Mr. Fossella told the Advance “he had not discussed a possible run for his old seat with his family.”

It remains unclear which family he was referencing.

The Return of Vito Fossella?