Timehop Picks Worst Day of the Year to Send Duplicate Emails

Wow — I’m feeling like I must be @timehop‘s Valentine today — they keep emailing me!twitpic.com/8jvt8p — Andy Welfle (@awelfle)

Timehop, the app that shows you where you were a year ago today, just blasted out as many as four copies of its daily email to users. Problem? It’s Valentine’s Day, arguably the best holiday for making yourself feel bad (except for maybe Earth Day). While some users were reminded of being showered with candy and kisses, others spent V-Day last year watching Watson on Jeopardy or being sober. “Timehop REALLY Wants You to Remember Your Last V-Day. (Hope It Was a Good One!)” How About We’s dating life blogger Michelle L. Dozois wrote.
Apparently the repeats were due to a bug that tunneled its way into the code this morning. “We heard you love timehop so much, we decided to send you a few extra for Valentine’s day!” Timehop customer service wrote back to users. “Just kidding…we got hit with a bug this morning, it should be fixed very soon-sorry about that.”

“It’s a giant press stunt! Jk, we’re working on it..” Timehop co-founder Jonathan Wegener wrote in an email.

As far as we know, no one has abdicated the service due to unwelcome memories of unfaithful lovers or dates with Ben and Jerry. Users were mostly bemused by the unlucky coincidence, including one who informed Timehop: “I got this email 4x today, guys. I’d prefer to get it <3 times (eg: 1). #rimshot.”

UPDATE: Timehop has fixed the bug. “Graciously, the V-day gods had mercy on us,” the app wrote to users. “We’re all set now and the issue is now fixed! Timehop is still a young service, and we’re continuously changing and trying new things. We’re not perfect — but hopefully we improve with each and every day. Thanks for sticking around for the ride! Happy Valentine’s day. We love you guys.” Timehop Picks Worst Day of the Year to Send Duplicate Emails