UES Apartment of Mutual Fund King Sells to Cocksure Todd Cohen and His Cosmo Girl

Jack Dreyfus

Jack Dreyfus was a man of manifold talents. Credited with single handedly inventing the concept of mutual funds, he ran the Dreyfus Fund and later started one of the first socially responsible investment groups. He was a champion bridge player, and even better at gin rummy. He also owned winning race horses and real estate, managing his greatly diversified portfolio until his death in 2009 at the ripe age of 95. It seems his estate is still working to manage all his holdings: his apartment at 14 East 75th Street has just sold.

While mutual funds were his professional occupation, horses were in Dreyfus’ heart. As the owner of Hobeau farm in Florida, the Alabama native bred horses who would go on to defeat legends like Secretariat and Buckpasser. And while his New York co-op was no sunshine state homestead, it was a capacious abode in its own right. According to a listing from Corcoran agents Donna Renna and Joanne Douglas the two-bedroom, three-bath duplex features “old world details,” among them “two wood burning fireplaces, double height windows and an extraordinary wrap terrace.” No stables, sadly.

It seems Mr. Dreyfus’ estate is not quite as adept as he: the home was originally put on the market in September 2010 with a $6 million asking price. The buyers, newlyweds Todd and Rebecca Hessel Cohen, paid just $3.45 million according to city records. They beat this deal like a rented mule.

Mrs. Cohen is the senior fashion and beauty editor at Cosmopolitan while Mr. Cohen comes from a wealthy real estate family and currently runs Icon Realty Management with his friend Terrence Lowenberg. The Post said he has a “Trump-sized ego,” reportedly declaring: “I have an amazing building going up, I have amazing chemistry with my girlfriend and my company is about to blow the fuck up.”


UES Apartment of Mutual Fund King Sells to Cocksure Todd Cohen and His Cosmo Girl