David Schwimmer Hates History, Tears Down Historic East Village Townhouse

David “Wrecking Ball” Schwimmer

Nineties sitcom staple David Schwimmer’s relationship with the East Village is not unlike his Friends character Ross’s fraught relationship with Rachel: filled with ups and downs, unnecessary drama, and lots of miscommunication. He added some star power to the area when he purchased a townhouse back in 2010, but has angered residents by tearing the place down, leaving an massive hole soon to be filled with a modern mansion, the Post reports.

It seems Mr. Schwimmer (OK, can’t we just call him Ross?) was up to some shady business when he tore the place down: he had received two letters explaining the home was on the shortlist for landmark status. Considering that the actor is sitting comfortably on the D-list, we think it’s safe to say the “I never saw it, my handlers deal with my mail” excuse won’t really work.

Schwimmer, 45, snapped up the property for $4.1 million in 2010 — and the city Landmarks Preservation Commission send him notices on March 31 and May 27 of last year that it could get landmark status by the end of 2012, said commission spokeswoman Elisabeth de Bourbon.

But by September 2011, the building was gone, just four months after the city’s latest letter was sent to Schwimmer’s representatives.

Needless to say, the Landmarks Commission probably wouldn’t have signed off on his plans to add a floor to the property and install an elevator. The five-story townhouse will now be a six-story mansion with a roof terrace where he can entertain his real-life friends. It beats Central Perk!

David Schwimmer Hates History, Tears Down Historic East Village Townhouse