Vallone Raises, But Not For BP Run–UPDATE

Astoria Councilman Peter Vallone has long been signalling his intention to run for Queens borough president, which makes the following fundraising invitation, sent along by a Politicker  reader, all the more curious.

In it, a campaign staffer for Mr. Vallone notes his BP campaign fund is almost fully funded, but that “in order to help the Council Member keep his options open, we formed a new state committee to explore a potential run for state or local office.”

Money raised for a state office isn’t transferable for a state or city run, so it is a little confounding what Mr. Vallone’s move is here. It seems  unlikely that after 12 years in the City Council he would want to run against an incumbent for a seat in the State Assembly, and the State Senate seat is currently held by Mike Gianaris, a popular Democrat and head of the party’s campaign arm.

This can only lead us to one piece of speculation: Governor Vallone?

Update: My erstwhile blogging colleague Chris Bragg, who has been tending the fires at the terrific Notebook over at City & State, emails me to throw cold water on our deeply reported analysis  rank speculation that Mr. Vallone is considering mounting a run for governor, noting that he is likely raising for a potential opening for Queens district attorney.

Full email below

Dear Friends,


As you may know, term limits will prevent Council Member Peter F. Vallone Jr. from serving in the City Council again in 2014.  As you may also know, public service is in his blood and he would love to eventually serve all the people of Queens County.  Thanks to you, Vallone for New York is almost fully funded.  In order to help the Council Member keep his options open, we formed a new state committee to explore a potential run for state or local office.


We are planning a big summer kick-off event on May 31st at the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden and are asking his closest friends and advisors to contribute early.  This will automatically place you on the guest list.  The invitation is attached and we expect this event to be just as exciting as past events.


Since this is a state committee, you are not restricted by any donations given to his New York City committee.  Also business and corporate checks are now accepted.  Ticket prices for the summer kick-off event start at $75 and go up to $5,000.


Thank you again for your ongoing support and guidance.  We look forward to continuing to work with you to make Queens County the best place it can be.


Please make your check payable to PEOPLE FOR VALLONE and mail it to:


People for Vallone

22-45 31st Street, 2nd Floor

Astoria, NY 11105


Thanks again, and see you on May 31!

Leila Noor-Lewis

Invitation for BG May 31 2012 Vallone Raises, But Not For BP Run–UPDATE