What’s Inside Kim Dotcom’s Panic Room?

(Image via Guardian.co.uk)

Before Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom was arrested last month, he was living in $18 million mansion in New Zealand, which he was renting.

He had purchased $8 million in New Zealand government bonds in an attempt to get the nonresident permission he needed to buy the place but he failed the country’s “good character” test, according to a profile of Mr. Dotcom in  Businessweek today.

In addition to the garden labyrinth, giraffe sculptures, and $5 million worth of cars with vanity plates that said, GUILTY, HACKER, MAFIA, and GOD, the house had a real panic room, just like in the movies

Local police bearing rifles, pistols, sledgehammers, and saws were only able to arrest Mr. Dotcom after breaking into his lair, where he was reportedly sitting cross-legged near a safe.

What else does a multimillionaire hacker and Gumball rally winner keep in his panic room?

  • A loaded pistol-grip shotgun
  • Three passports under different names
  • 25 credit cards
  • A bulletproof wristwatch
  • An actual-size statue of the creature from the Predator movies

Sounds about right.

  What’s Inside Kim Dotcom’s Panic Room?