When Peter Met Cindy

Cindy Sherman, "Untitled Film Still #13" (1978). (Courtesy MoMA)

There’s a nice moment in The New York Times profile of artist Cindy Sherman–who has a big retrospective of 170 photographs coming to the Museum of Modern Art. It involves New Yorker art critic Peter Schjeldahl and his first encounter with Ms. Sherman’s work at Metro Pictures gallery.

He walked into her “Centerfolds” exhibition and was apparently so taken with it that he rushed out to a payphone to call the two publications he wrote for at the time and asked to review it. Both had already assigned pieces, so Mr. Schjeldahl decided to buy one of the works instead.

“I had to write something that day, and it turned out to be a check,” he told the Times. He also goes on record saying Ms. Sherman is “his favorite American artist of the last 40 years.”

Read the rest of it here. The show opens Feb. 26.

When Peter Met Cindy