Will The Brooklyn Paper Recreate ‘Babyccino’ Mania With ‘Tats for Tots’?

A trendy youth. (image via sanjose.com)

Last week, The Brooklyn Paper made (largely unattributed) waves with a trend story on the “babyccino,” which is what some Brooklyn baristas are willing to call “steamed milk” if it keeps the borough’s powerful twee parent contingent happy. After being picked up by Daily Intel, the “espresso shots for tots” popped up in The Daily, the Post and the Daily News.

In an apparent attempt to replicate the baby buzz, this week the Paper brings us “tats for tots.”  A new kids line from Tattly, the temporary tattoo company of  Swiss Miss designer Tina Roth Eisenberg, means the babes of Bedford Avenue don’t need to wait for 18 to look like their mom(s) and/or dad(s). All they need are the motor skills to hold a wet rag to their appendages.

In addition to display copy, the inked-up infants story shares babyccino’s feigned alarm. While the first story quoted a “skeptical” pediatrician, the second noted that Ms. Eisenberg “dispelled the notion that her faux anchors and hearts might turn tots into future Dennis Rodmans or Kat Von Ds.”


Although the second piece includes a politician’s endorsement (Marty Markowitz gave Tattly a shout-out in his “State of the Borough” address), it lacks the parental testimonies required for full trend piece status.

Your move, other New York papers. We’re too busy getting a jump start on “blunts for babies”  to do this one justice.

Will The Brooklyn Paper Recreate ‘Babyccino’ Mania With ‘Tats for Tots’?