The 15 Weirdest Facebook Photos Of Newt And Callista Gingrich

In 2008, Newt and Callista took a "sea safari" to Norway where they wore these awesome neon windbreakers.
Newt, Callista and friends boarded an old style sailing ship during the filming of the movie "Rediscovering God in America" in 2009.
Newt and Callista traveled the globe to film their Pope John Paul documentary "Nine Days That Changed The World." Here's a picture of them posing at the gates of the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.
Newt staring down a bronze statue of George Washington at the 2010 premiere of his documentary about Pope John Paul II "Nine Days That Shook The World." (Photo: Facebook)
It takes work to look as good as Newt Gingrich. Here he is getting his makeup touched up before an appearance last April.
Newt isn't the only one in the family who wears makeup. Here's Callista having something applied to her lips in 2009.
Newt regaling Callista and a friend with an apparently hilarious tale last April.
Newt and Callista sharing a laugh together last April.
Callista checking out footage of her and Newt on a computer screen. Meta!
In 2010, Newt and Callista took their spring vacation in Africa. Here they are in the Namibian desert. According to Callista, they "had a great day walking through the sand dunes."
At the 2010 National Rifle Association in Charlotte, North Carolina, Mr. and Mrs. Gingrich posed for a picture with camouflage clad classic rocker and weapons enthusiast Ted Nugent. Hopefully they managed to avoid catching a nasty case of "Cat Scratch Fever" from the encounter.
Callista doesn't do all her traveling with Newt. She also enjoys an annual "girls weekend" with her friends. In 2010, Callista's "girls weekend" included a Segway tour of the National Mall in DC.
Callista's Segway journey through our nation's Capitol also included a stop in front of the White House.
Last August Newt and Callista visited the Iowa State Fair, which boasts more than 50 varieties of food-on-a-stick. Newt and Callista opted for the hardboiled egg-on-a-stick. Yum!
Newt knows how to unwind when he's on the campaign trail. Here's a shot of the candidate enjoying a piece of pizza during a campaign stop in Decorah, Iowa last December.

Newt Gingrich has made his mark on this presidential race with his “big ideas” and his desire to have three hour marathon debate with anyone who will take him on. With his victory in this week’s Georgia primary and polls showing him leading in Alabama and Mississippi, Mr. Gingrich is preparing to make a “last stand” in the race for the Republican nomination although he’s well behind Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in the delegate count. Since it’s probably Mr. Gingrich’s last hurrah and, well, since it’s Friday afternoon, we decided it would be a good time to release a treasure trove of odd Gingrich family photos we found deep in the recesses of Facebook that give a very special, behind-the-scenes look at the candidate and his third wife, Callista. Check out our slideshow to see Newt as you’ve never seen him before; having his makeup done, hanging out at Auschwitz, going on safari, hobnobbing with classic rock stars, eating egg-on-a-stick and communing with our founding fathers.

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