$70,000 Worth of Marijuana Shipped to Nonexistent St. Martin’s Press Employee

She does have a Twitter account, though.

Federal agents intercepted eleven pounds of marijuana bound for St. Martins Press’s Flatiron headquarters earlier this month, reports The Smoking Gun. The two parcels, addressed to a fictitious St. Martins employee named Karen Wright, were seized at a post office in California after they were sniffed out by a drug detection dog.

A company operator told The Smoking Gun no one by that name works at the company.

Because the Feds did not attempt to smoke out “Karen Wright” with a controlled delivery, the excitement is pretty much over for the moment, except on Twitter, where someone with the handle @KarenWright_SMP has been asking if anyone has seen the day’s mail and soliciting tips for coming up with $70,000 fast. Hypothetically speaking.

Publishing wise guys cracked jokes about how this derails the munchies-based marketing campaign for the Macmillan imprint’s Hungry Girl cookbook, and others have been tweeting stoner versions of literary titles (“Finnegan’s Wake and Bake,” “Bong of Solomon”) with the hash tag #potlit.

Twitter accounts for Penguin and FSG declared St. Martin’s the winner when they pulled out a double pun classic that works as is: Leaves of Grass.

Later, Leaves of Grass author Walt Whitman tweeted, “In my day, a publisher would reject a manuscript that came with anything less than 20 lbs of fine persian hash.”

$70,000 Worth of Marijuana Shipped to Nonexistent St. Martin’s Press Employee