A Deeper Look at The New Congressional Districts

The data-miners at Daily Kos Elections have taken a thorough look at the court’s new congressional plan and provided a set of tools to better understand the new districts.

These include a Google Maps overlay that allows viewers to zoom all the way in to individual streets, a breakdown of the county percentages of the new districts, and historic performance numbers of statewide candidates in the new seats.

A number of useful facts can be found by combing over these numbers.

For example, in New York’s 6th Congressional District that GOP Councilman Dan Halloran will announce his candidacy for this evening, the data shows electorally weaker Democrats, like Comptroller Tom DiNapoli in 2010, won the district with around 58% of the vote, while dominating ones like Governor Andrew Cuomo or Senator Chuck Schumer racked up margins over 70%. It’s easy to conclude Mr. Halloran will be the underdog no matter which Democratic candidate he faces in the general election.

There’s also a breakdown of where the new districts came from in relation to last decade’s redistricting plan. This allows one to determine, for example, that Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, whose reelection bid may have been made more challenging with the new map, still keeps 71% of her old district’s population.

In comparison, other candidates like Congresswoman Nita Lowey are seeking reelection in districts containing 50% or less of their old seats, and may not enjoy the full advantages of their incumbency. A Deeper Look at The New Congressional Districts