Adam Lisberg Leaving City & State to Handle Communications for MTA

Adam Lisberg (Photo: Twitter)

Adam Lisberg, the Editor of the New York political media outlet City & State is moving on to handle communications for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the state agency announced this morning.

“It’s going to be quite a challenge, they came gunning for me hard,” Mr. Lisberg told The Politicker.

“At first I thought, I’ve be a reporter my entire career,” he said. “But I’ve always been a transit geek … I really believe in mass transit. I believe in cities, and finding ways for people to move in and out of a concentrated space is the lifeblood — not just economically — of what makes cities thrive.”

Mr. Lisberg, who was formerly City Hall Bureau Chief for the New York Daily News, moved on to combine the then-named newspapers City Hall News and The Capitol into City & State, and launched the widely-read “First Read” morning email and a blog under the same banner.

(However, his life did get a tad more complicated when Tom Allon, the CEO of Manhattan Media, which owns City & State, launched an uphill campaign for mayor in 2013.)

Mr. Lisberg, who will be making $150,000 at the MTA, said Andy Hawkins will become Acting Editor of City & State on March 30th and the publication will be conducting a “live search” for his ultimate replacement.


Disclosure: This reporter freelanced for City Hall News in 2011.

Adam Lisberg Leaving City & State to Handle Communications for MTA