Adler makes it “On the List”

Shelley Adler, the widow of former U.S. Rep. John Adler, who is seeking to regain the 3rd District seat her husband lost last year before his untimely death, has been placed ”On the List” by EMILY’s List, which will be a key fundraising boost for the Democrat.

The group supports Democratic pro-choice woman candidates.

“Shelley knows that the people of New Jersey are fed up with the endless gridlock in Congress, and her strong leadership is exactly what we need to get Washington back on track,” said Stephanie Schriock, President of EMILY’s List. “A dedicated voice for small businesses and a passionate community advocate, Shelley is prepared for a tough campaign against a right-wing Republican opponent. EMILY’s List, now with a community of over one million members, is ready to stand with her through November.”

In the 2009-2010 election cycle, EMILY’s List raised more than $38.5 million to aid its chosen candidates.

 “On the List” is the first designation given by Emily’s List.  Candidates can be boosted to “recommended” status, which gives them the full benefit of the group’s fundraising power.

Adler is facing off against freshman Republican incumbent Jon Runyan, who defeated Jon Adler in a closely fought race.  After that, Cherry Hill, Adler’s hometown, was removed from the 3rd District during redistricting, handing Runyan a friendlier district for his re-election bid.

Adler does not currently live in the 3rd District, but has said she plans to move there by the end of the year should she win the election. Adler makes it “On the List”