Fashion Designer Inadvertently Invokes Anonymous On the Runway [UPDATED]

Introducing the hottest new Fall accessory... Guy Fawkes masks.

One of Mr. Wu's designs. (

We all know tech is cool now, but did you know hacking circles like Anonymous are actually sartorial tastemakers? Apparently neither did designer Adrian Wu, whose models in his Toronto fashion show sported Guy Fawkes masks, much to the confusion of show attendees.

According to the Toronto Star, Mr. Wu said that the show was meant to demonstrate “specific comparisons between North American politics versus European politics and how it affects human rights by citing the movie V for Vendetta.”

While Guy Fawkes masks are certainly an integral component to the 2005 film, they’ve become much more recognizable as a symbol of Anonymous, the hacker collective that enjoys wreaking havoc all over the Internet.

We applaud Mr. Wu for apparently having avoided the Internet for the past three years, as that takes a special form of dedication we could never master. Furthermore, allowing your most prescient cultural touchstone to be a 2005 film when it is actually the year 2012 takes some serious avoidance of pop culture. Bravo, sir.


Mr. Wu tweeted at us with some more information: “I’m an educated individual and no it was not inadvertently.”

Considering his Internet-y method of delivering this information, we’ll have to retract prior misconceived notions about his Internet skills. Our apologies, @soimadrian! Fashion Designer Inadvertently Invokes Anonymous On the Runway [UPDATED]