Anonymous Releases an Operating System for All Your Hacking Pleasures

"Please don’t use [it] to destroy any web page :)"

Hacker collective Anonymous released an Ubuntu-based operating system today with several pre-installed programs. Think of it as a hacker’s toolkit of sorts. Except that the project, which is “not developed by any Genuine Source,” can apparently be “backdoored by any Law enforcement Company or hacker.” So basically since it wasn’t developed by a trusted source, it could have subtle security flaws. However, the Tumblr set up for Anonymous OS claims “it is 100% safe. You can use Anonymous-OS as safe as you can use any Linux [distribution].”

The Next Web called the move “a very unexpected if not outright strange direction for the group,” but since programs like DDOSIM come pre-loaded, it does seem like a decent tool for anyone looking to join up with Anonymous’ penchant for DDoS attacks.

The Anonymous-OS Tumblr says the OS has already surpassed 4,600 downloads, but does not acknowledge what percentage of those downloads were 15-year-old boys (90 percent).

The OS announcement comes with a disclaimer with a curiously jovial emoticon appended. “Please don’t use any tool to destroy any web page :),” it reads. “If you attack to any web page, might end up in jail because is a crime in most countries!” Touché.

We’re sure it works just fine, but just to be safe, we do not recommend using it to watch your favorite James Deen videos any time soon. Anonymous Releases an Operating System for All Your Hacking Pleasures