Betaworks and Brooklyn Beta Announce Summer Incubator

Applications open next week.

West Village-based Betaworks is teaming up with the three day web conference Brooklyn Beta to present Silicon Alley’s bravest, newest incubator: Brooklyn Beta Summer Camp, a 12-week program that ends with a glorious demo day in front of New York investors, followed by a presentation at the Brooklyn Beta conference in October. Tim O’Reilly, Fred Wilson and Gina Bianchini are among the advisors.

Brooklyn Beta is run by Chris Shiflett and Cameron Koczon of web development shops Analog and Fictive Kin, respectively. “We’re putting together an incubator of sorts,” Mr. Koczon said in an email introducing the summer camp. “We’ve got some great folks involved and an important mission of bringing designers and developers together to co-found startups.”

The incubator will be run under the same nonprofit that operates Brooklyn Beta (lawyers told Brooklyn Beta it shouldn’t have any trouble investing as a nonprofit, but research continues). The camp will take a six percent stake in each company in exchange for $25,000, which Brooklyn Beta says is meant to subsidize, not pay for, the entrepreneurs’ risks. Companies can work remotely or shack up in Brooklyn, which Mr. Koczon suggested would be “most fun.”

Applications open next week and will close on May 31. In the meantime, Brooklyn Beta is working on its next project, “a little something we’re cooking up to help keep the web community close in between conferences.” We prodded Mr. Koczon for more hints. “It’s going to be a news site. It’s pretty sweet. We just didn’t want to launch with a whole glut of stuff that would lessen the impact of each thing,” he said.

A news site with the acronym BB? ‘Scuse us, we’ve got to see about launching a summer camp.

Betaworks and Brooklyn Beta Announce Summer Incubator