Bloomberg’s Press Posse Pokes Fun At Poop Protest

Stu Loeser as he is most often seen, wielding his Blackberry a few steps away from the mayor. (Photo: Facebook)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s staff apparently got quite a kick out of the NYPD’s surveillance video allegedly showing Occupy Wall Streeters pouring poop in a plaza and at a Chase ATM in Lower Manhattan. Two members of Mayor Bloomberg’s press team Tweeted the footage along with mocking parodies of popular Occupy slogans.

“Whose poop? Their poop!” wrote Mayor Bloomberg’s press secretary, Stu Loeser.

Mr. Loeser’s Occu-parody was, as of this writing, one of seven Tweets he posted about the poop tapes. In another missive, Mr. Loeser described his reaction to the NYPD’s press alert announcing the dramatic dumping footage.

“I’ve read 1000s of @NYPDnews DCPI ‘sheets’ – never laughed at a subject line until today’s ‘OWS Human Feces Arrest – It Happens,'” Mr. Loeser wrote.

He also called the clip “must-see TV, but before dinner” and described it as indicative of larger truths about the Occupy Wall Street protests.

“#OWS dumping huge amts of urine and feces in a bank & FiDi plaza is telling in & of itself,” he wrote.

Mr. Loeser wasn’t the only member of the City Hall press team who took to Twitter to have a laugh at the poop pouring protest. Mayor Bloomberg’s deputy press secretary, Julie Wood, re-Tweeted two of Mr. Loeser’s poop-related posts along with an Occu-parody of her own.

“hey hey! ho ho! a lot of people had to go!,” Ms. Wood wrote.

The desire of Mayor Bloomberg’s press team to highlight the more unseemly aspects of the Occupy Wall Street protests clearly makes sense. Mayor Bloomberg took quite a bit of heat for his decision to clear the protesters from Zuccotti Park Last November, however the mayor maintains he evicted the occupation because it posed a “health and fire safety hazard to the protestors and to the surrounding community.” Bloomberg’s Press Posse Pokes Fun At Poop Protest