Booting Up: This American Retraction Edition

Steve Jurvetson (Wikipedia)

Foxconn after This American Life retraction: we will not take legal action [Reuters]

Dell prepares to enter the tablet market [AllThingsD]

Social media is responsible for nine percent of online news visits; most visits come from web searches and aggregators [PaidContent]

Some free Android apps use more energy showing ads and transmitting personal information than performing their main function [NewScientist]

Over eight percent of the UK’s economy is Internet-based, making it the most Internet-based economy in the G20 [BBC]

Analytics startup Kissmetrics begins testing their new user data visualization feature [TechCrunch]

Apple is hosting a press conference today. Topic of discussion: what to do with its $100 billion pile of cash [MacStories]

Booting Up: This American Retraction Edition