Booting Up: Nothing’s SIMple Edition

Blackberry's at the Kitchner, Ontario Children's Museum (M. Rehemtulla via Wikipedia)

Amid other problems, RIM accuses Apple of gaming the system as Europe’s nano-SIM standard vote is put on hold [Engadget]

Google changes its hardware game; will begin selling tablet computers later this year [The Wall Street Journal]

Eddie Frederick, LivingSocial cofounder, quits leadership and board [TechCrunch]

Chrome 18 is officially here with hardware-accelerated rendering for HTML5 Canvas [Ars Technica]

With 33 states allowing it and a big election coming up, voting online raises cyber-security concerns [CNET]

Is “unliking” finally coming to Facebook? [The Huffington Post]

Booting Up: Nothing’s SIMple Edition