Booting Up: The Turns Legit Edition

DJ Woo on the ones and twos

Licensing deals with Sony, EMI, Warner, and Universal make makes “less dangerous,” but is it still rock ‘n roll? [VentureBeat]

Homeless men and women defend the company that turned them into Wifi hotspots [Digits]

Zynga tries to manage a price dip from employees selling shares with a secondary offering. Good luck with that, guys. [TechCrunch]

Before Goldman Sachs sucked up all the air, there was “Why I Left Google” [JW on Tech]

AT&T settles lawsuit for slowing down a dude’s “unlimited” data. A victory for datakind. [Associated Press]

Startups don’t wanna rely on Facebook no mo, mo, mo. [Wall Street Journal]

Tim Armstrong takes a look at Yahoo, considers becoming a patent troll [AllThingsD] Booting Up: The Turns Legit Edition