Booting Up: Twittergram Edition

Pixable via TechCrunch

Between Twitter and Instagram, 63,000 photos were shared at SXSW, as Twitter continues to make photo sharing a core part of its product [TechCrunch]

TEDTalks will soon begin streaming on Netflix [VentureBeat]

The new Pinterest profile pages are now live [The Next Web]

New privacy investigations are underway in the U.S. and Europe over Google’s bypassing of Safari privacy settings [The Wall Street Journal]

Arm Holdings, a company with technology in 100 percent of UK cell phones, plans to create a network among appliances with a new chip called Flycatcher [The Guardian]

The NSA is setting up a huge new spy center in Utah. Shhh [Wired] Booting Up: Twittergram Edition