Booting Up: When Servers Fly Edition

The Pirate Bee's flying server drone prototype (Waugsberg via Wikipedia)

The Pirate Bay has plans to literally put their servers in the air with flying drones  to make law enforcement take downs more difficult [Ars Technica]

Verizon data breach report: 2011 was Anonymous’s most disruptive year; hacktivists compromised 100 million personal records, 58 percent of stolen data [Forbes]

Photoshop CS6 is here with a totally redesigned and darker interface [The Verge]

Samsung pushes back Galaxy Note upgrade to next quarter, adds stylus-ready apps [Engadget]

“The new iPad” accounts for five percent of all U.S. iPad traffic [Chikita]

Angry Birds is now in space [TechCrunch]

  Booting Up: When Servers Fly Edition