British Prime Minister Gives Advice to City Council Candidate [Video]

Hill Krishann asking his question (Photo: YouTube)

At a recent forum for New York University, British Prime Minister David Cameron fielded a question from Hill Krishnan, a City Council candidate for the Upper East Side.

Mr. Krishnan, an adjunct professor at NYU in global affairs, first wanted to know what the United Kingdom was doing to reduce its nuclear stockpile, and second, what advice Mr. Cameron would be able to provide him for his first political campaign.

In addition to defending the need for a nuclear deterrent on the international stage, Mr. Cameron’s advice to Mr. Krishnan was simply to be an honest candidate.

“I think the most important thing in politics is to say what you think, to do what you say, to be clear and frank about where you stand,” he said. “The thing I always find about politics is that even if people aren’t that interested in politics and policy and what you’re saying, they have a brilliant way of determining whether you are meaning what you say.”

“They see through people who take a position that they don’t believe in, and your authentic sense of who you are and what you want to achieve, if you communicate that, you’ll be just fine,” he added.

Mr. Krishnan, a political neophyte who will be going up against attorneys Benjamin Kallos and Nico Minerva for the seat, may need some good fortune in addition to frankness to ultimately win the election.

The seat’s current occupant, Councilwoman Jessica Lappin, is expected to run for Manhattan Borough President.

Watch Mr. Cameron provide his advice below:

British Prime Minister Gives Advice to City Council Candidate [Video]