Broken Angel Healed a Little as Auction Is Delayed

This old house... (<a href="">Brooklyn Paper</a>)

Wait a minute! Brooklyn’s beloved Broken Angle House’s scheduled March 29th auction will be pushed back. Thanks to Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Bernadette Bayne, the foreclosure case has been stalled for 30-60 days, the Times reports.

Mr. Wood, the owner, brought up a fraud charge against the lender which prompted the delay, but the outlook remains grim.

Judge Bayne did not give Mr. Wood reason to believe that he will prevail in his 2009 case against the lender, Madison Realty Capital.

“You’ve been coming to me for a good many years,” Judge Bayne told Mr. Wood at one point, appearing frustrated with the plaintiff’s litigious history, which includes the fraud case before her, plus an appeal of the foreclosure and a prior lawsuit against a former development partner.

With or without stalls, the house remains as a conglomerate of art with little (or no) appeal for residential use. The $2.7 million lein on the auction block doesn’t help its post-foreclosure life, either.

Still, Mr. Wood insists “there will be no foreclosure” in a tour of his former home with The Brooklyn Paper.

“People are not going to miss the Broken Angel unless they look at it and come back and realize in its place is a Starbucks,” Wood said. “To look at it costs nothing. To go into a Starbucks will cost you fives bucks.

“You will miss it then,” he said, “forever.”

Heady stuff. Broken Angel Healed a Little as Auction Is Delayed