BuzzFeed Launches Tech Site: Hello, FWD

The new tech site primed by Matt Buchanan (Gizmodo) and John Herrman (Popular Mechanics) is here: FWD, “tech for humans.” The section’s inaugural post already has 18 WIN votes. BuzzFeed/FWD will write about tech, tech culture, and culture that has something to do with the Internet, which is basically everything now.

A sampling of FWD’s first posts:

BuzzFeed/FWD promises to answer such question as:

• Why can’t I watch Jurassic Park II on Netflix?
• How did Google know I was going to type that?
• Is Klout… real?
• What is Bing?
• Is it weird to sleep with your phone under your pillow? Or on top of your computer?
• Does Apple hate us?
• Is there a right way to send pictures of naked body parts to other people?
• Fuck/marry/kill: Foursquare, Twitter, Bing

Points for using the word “fuck” in the first letter from the editors. And, oh yeah, fuck Foursquare, marry Twitter, kill Bing. That’s not really a fair fight.

BuzzFeed Launches Tech Site: Hello, FWD