Carlucci: Don’t Cage K-9 Cops

At a press conference earlier today, State Senator David Carlucci banded together with Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski to call for a new exemption for police dogs that bite an individual while on duty.

Currently, New York State law requires dogs to be confined and observed for ten days when they bite someone, but the legislators today argued this creates a disincentive for K-9 units to take down suspects when it’s called for.

“When the Clarkstown Police Department brought this issue to my attention earlier this year, they told me law enforcement should not have to be handcuffed by another senseless mandate from Albany,” Mr. Calucci said, according to a statement. “Giving our police the tools and flexibility they need to do their job is simply the right thing to do, and I look forward to working together with my colleagues in state government to address this matter.”

For his part, Mr.  Zebrowski aims to push the bill in the Assembly and said K-9 units should be “obviously … treated differently than other dogs. It is common sense to clean up the language in the law to protect law enforcement and their K-9 units.” Carlucci: Don’t Cage K-9 Cops