Catsimatidis and Isaacs Raise For Romney

The chairman of the Manhattan Republican Party and one of Manhattan’s most generous Republican donors are teaming up to raise money for Mitt Romney.

Dan Isaacs, the Manhattan chair, and John Catsimatidis, the supermarket magnate and one-time potential mayoral aspirant sent out an email this afternoon announcing that the get-together with the former Massachusetts governor will be next week at the Waldorf-Astoria, and ticket prices range from $1,000 to $2,500. And the invitation notes that “The Governor will have an opportunity to meet everyone in the room.”

The fundraiser comes as for the first time questions are being raised about Mr. Romney’s ability to raise money. An article in The New York Times today pointed out how most of Mr. Romney’s money is coming from big donors, and that he lags among small dollar contributors that reveal how much grassroots support a campaign really has.

The Romney campaign pushed back today, sending out a release touting the $11.5 million that they have raised in February, and pointing out that 83 percent of all the funds they have raised have been in amounts under $250. The campaign memo, and the invite are both below:

Romney for President today announced it has raised $11.5 million in primary funds in February. In the last 11 months, the campaign has raised $75 million in primary funds. The campaign has nearly $7.3 million cash on hand. Announcing the campaign’s fundraising total, Romney for President National Finance Chairman Spencer Zwick made the following statement:


“Mitt Romney’s strong fundraising shows that voters across America are embracing his bold plan for our economy and that Republicans are unifying behind him as the only candidate who can win in November. We will continue raising the funds necessary to go up against President Obama’s political machine in November and ensure that President Obama is a one-term president.”


Romney for President has no debt and has accepted only primary campaign contributions. Mitt Romney has not made any personal loans or contributions to the campaign.


FAST FACTS About Romney For President’s Fundraising:


·         $75 Million Raised In Primary Funds In Eleven Months

·         83% Of All Donations Received Through The End Of February Were $250 Or Less

·         $9.3 Million Raised By Donations Under $250 Through The End Of February

·         Over 276,500 Donations Under $250 Received Through The End Of February

·         Over $11.5 Million Raised In Primary Funds In February, The Second Best Fundraising Month Of The Campaign

·         Contributions Received From All 50 States And Washington, D.C.



You are cordially invited to a private lunch with
Governor Mitt Romney
Wednesday, March 14, 2012
12:00NOON – 1:30PM
(The Governor will have an opportunity to meet everyone in the room)
Waldorf Astoria
301 Park Avenue & 50th
Basildon Room, 3rd floor
Suggested contribution $1,000 – $2,500 per person / $5,000 per couple
Personal checks and credit cards are made payable to Romney for President”
Catsimatidis’ office, Matt




ITTROMNEY.COM OR (212) 401-7673



Contributions are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

By law, the maximum amount an individual may contribute is $2,500 ($5,000 per couple) per election.

Federal multi-candidate PACs may contribute $5,000 per election. Contributions by corporations, foreign nationals (non-green card holders), labor

unions, federal government contractors, and minors under the age of 18 are prohibited.

Romney for President, Inc.

Post Office Box 149756

Boston, MA 02114-9756

Paid for by Romney for President, Inc.

  Catsimatidis and Isaacs Raise For Romney