Christine Quinn At The Boom Boom Room

An image from an online flyer promoting the April 5 fundraiser for Christine Quinn. (Photo: Quinn for New York)

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn hasn’t officially announced her campaign for mayor, but she’s definitely still fundraising for the job. Club promoter Michael Cohen has begun advertising a pricey bash to benefit Ms. Quinn’s campaign at the Standard Hotel’s rooftop lounge, Top of the Standard, which is still far better known by its old name, The Boom Boom Room.

According to Mr. Cohen, the “LGBT For Quinn Kickoff Event” will be held at the Top of the Standard on April 5.

“I’ll be co-hosting a LGBT event for Christine C. Quinn. She will be running for Mayor of NYC,” Mr. Cohen wrote in one of several online postings advertising the party.

Mr. Cohen has made a name for himself hosting weeknight parties catering to gay fashionistas. Though Ms. Quinn’s campaign has not responded to our request for comment about the fundraiser, the site selling tickets is listed as being “Paid for and Authorized by Quinn for New York.”

Tickets to Ms. Quinn’s fundraiser range from $100 to $4,950 for chairs. You can purchase them online here.

Christine Quinn At The Boom Boom Room