Design Community Colourlovers Acquires Developer Network Forrst

Despite the acquisition, the fast growing community for devs and designers says it's sticking to its roots.

Mr. Bragger (Photo by Dan Wilby,

Forrst, the professional community for designers and coders launched by Kyle Bragger, announced today that it has officially been acquired by Colourlovers, an Oregon-based design community. Not bad for a company created on a whim.

Colourlovers is an international creative community that focuses on sharing colors, palettes and patterns. Forrst, which began as an elite invite-only blog network for developers, grew at lightening speed, its success even catching Mr. Bragger off guard.

“I think for us it just made a whole lot of sense,” Mr. Bragger told Betabeat via phone. “Colourlovers has been around a long time and now they have Creative Market which is another property they’re working on. Forrst fits really nicely in between because we’ve always been about helping people get better at their craft, and providing a really strong community along feedback of design development and the intersection between the two.”

Hardcore developers who are worried that Forrst will morph into an “Etsy for digital bling” need not fret. Mr. Bragger said the details of how the sites will integrate are still being worked out, but that Forrst will stay true to its dev roots.

“Colourlovers and Creative Market are more design-oriented,” said Mr. Bragger. “But I think the creative space in general really applies to code, and certainly the intersection of design and code. We’re not kicking out all of our users who are developers and we’re not drastically shifting to design only. Forrst is going to remain the Forrst that everyone has known over the last two and a half years, and get better from there.”

Mr. Bragger told Betabeat that Forrst is now owned by Colourlovers’ parent company, ChromaOm, but that it will continue to operate autonomously, with its original staff intact. “Forrst is going to continue to be Forrst and operate as its own product,” he said. “We have zero plans to shutdown. Too much of that stuff is going down and I’m really thrilled that that’s not something we’re doing. I never would’ve sold had it been a talent acquisition. Forrst is a really special place and I’m glad that it will continue to be that.”

Mr. Bragger will continue to lead product development at Forrst, which will keep its office in New York. “Nothing’s really changing for me,” he said. Except that he just netted a ton of dough–though a gentleman never reveals an acquisition price. “Can’t disclose how much it was for, but everyone is happy with the outcome,” he admitted. Design Community Colourlovers Acquires Developer Network Forrst