CWA may refile dismissed pensions lawsuit in state court

TRENTON – The Communications Workers of America, responding to the dismissal Monday in federal court of a lawsuit seeking to overturn New Jersey’s far-reaching public worker pension and health benefit overhaul, said it is considering refiling the suit in state court.

Hetty Rosenstein, state director of the CWA, said in a release that “We are fighting for the tens of thousands of state workers who spent their entire careers planning for and counting on the secure retirement that Governor Christie and the State Legislature retroactively – and illegally – took away.”

A federal judge dismissed the workers’ lawsuit on the grounds it violated the 11th Amendment, which grants immunity to the state from such lawsuits.

But Rosenstein said, “Our members worked hard, played by the rules and never missed a pension payment while Trenton rang up years’ worth of IOUs. Our fight for New Jersey’s middle class is just getting started.”

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  CWA may refile dismissed pensions lawsuit in state court