Cyclone’s Historic Cars Saved, and Trump Wants to Go for a Ride

Will they still be screaming next summer? (Getty)

It may not rock anymore, but the Cyclone will still roll with history when it reopens next summer.

Zamperla—the Italian amusement operator both celebrated and criticized on the boardwalk for bringing new rides and crowds to Coney Island but also trying to push out long-time favorites—recently began work on rebuilding the Cyclone. While the beloved coaster will be safer and get much-needed repairs, it will also give a smoother ride than before, another sign of the strip’s lost grit and the sacrifice of the coaster’s signature shakes.

At least the historic coaster cars will remain.

Zamperla had been looking for a new operator for the ride and expected them to replace the classic cars with new ones. This had angered some coaster enthusiasts, but the Post reports that the Cyclone will keep its old cars, refurbished like the rest of the ride. Though the ride itself is a landmark and any changed must be reviewed by the city, the cars are not protected.

In other surprising news, Donald Trump is among those interested in operating the coaster, with the possibility to add concessions and other rides to the property surrounding the Cyclone. Maybe he can recast the coaster in gold. (Mr. Trump is the father-in-law of Observer publisher Jared Kushner.)

Correction: Donald Trump had bid for right to operate the Cyclone, but he was passed over for Zamperla when the Italian firm was selected last year to be the new coaster operator. It will be at least another 14 years before he has a shot at the ride. The Observer regrets the error.

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