Dan Halloran Announces for Congress and Gives Israel A Big Hug [Video]

GOP Councilman Dan Halloran announced for Congress earlier this evening and made it very, very clear how important Israel’s security is to him (in addition to discussing other staple issues like jobs and gas prices).

“It is time that the people wake up to the fact that this president has been willing to compromise the national security of our friends like Israel, and our own,” Mr. Halloran proclaimed today. “We need to be consistent in our foreign policy, to stand with our friends and allies, and to make no mistake about it: Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and deserves our full and unwavering support.”

Jewish voters represent a sizable portion of the Queens district’s population, and an even larger portion of the district’s swing voters willing to vote for either party, a fact further highlighted by the announcement events of Democratic Assembly Members Rory Lancman and Grace Meng heavily highlighting the issue.

What Mr. Halloran was not interested in making this campaign about, however, were “non-issues,” and he vowed “not to lose focus” on substantive messaging, a possible reference to aspects of his colorful biography, like Pagan beliefs, that appeared in his 2009 City Council campaign.

An eclectic group of speakers followed Mr. Halloran’s speech, including former senatorial and gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio, current U.S. Senate candidate George Maragos, and members representing both halves of the Queens Republican feud.

Councilwoman Liz Crowley is also vying for the Democratic nomination.

View Mr. Halloran’s announcement below:
Dan Halloran Announces for Congress and Gives Israel A Big Hug [Video]