Despite A Disappearing District, Ackerman Says Reapportionment Results Are ‘Fantastic’

Congressman Gary Ackerman saw his district split in two under the new reapportionment maps released, but in a statement released today put on his best game face.

“The new Sixth CD is a fantastic district in Queens where I grew up, went to public school and college, and started my family and my business,” Mr. Ackerman said. “It contains my political base and longtime roots, and I have had the privilege of representing approximately 90% of it during my 34 years in the State Senate and U.S. Congress. Throughout this time, I have been honored to win the overwhelming support of the people Rita and I grew up with, and the people our children grew up with, and the wonderful people who reside in these great and diverse communities. I look forward to continuing to fight for them in Congress for many more years to come.”

Mr. Ackerman’s district was combined with Carolyn McCarthy’s to the east and to an incumbent-free but Asian-heavy district to the west. The longtime congressman has been telling people for the last several months that he has no intention to step down, despite Republican rumors to the contrary.

His intention however to run in the incumbent-free district to the east could create complications for Assemblyman Rory Lancman, who earlier today signaled his intentions to run for that seat. Despite A Disappearing District, Ackerman Says Reapportionment Results Are ‘Fantastic’