DUMBO Startup Lab Expands to New Loft Space

But we still refuse to call DUMBO 'Silicon Beach.'

The new space. (dumbostartuplab.com)

Apparently DUMBO isn’t wanting for tech talent after all. The sleepy strip of cobblestones and art galleries beneath the Manhattan Bridge has seen a surge in tech company leases, and DUMBO Startup Lab is next on the list to trade in their small workspace for a 2,300 square foot loft.

Members of the startup lab have been working from the personal workspace of chief organizer Freddie Pikovsky since the lab’s inception, but the organization has seen such a dramatic uptick in membership recently that they’re moving up and out into a real office space.

To become a member of this elite cabal of “Silicon Beach” boys and girls, you have to pay $400 a month for a desk or $200 a month to be a portable participant (meaning you sit where there’s space). The lab is also soliciting “VCs, investors and entrepreneurs” to help support workshops and panels.

According to the press release, Mr. Pikovsky says he wants to “create a synergetic and educational atmosphere by bringing in complimentary talent, projects, hosting classes and events that will help build Brooklyn’s identity within the innovation ecosystem.”

@DumboStartupLab says the new space is located at 68 Jay St., which is conveniently right above a bar. And we all know that nothing helps fuel a million dollar startup idea quite like a stiff drink.

DUMBO Startup Lab Expands to New Loft Space