Engineer Chooses Alley Over Valley Because NYC Has More Ladies

Look out, ladies.

Mr. Miller, pimp. (

The “I’m moving to New York” letter has become quite a genre as of late, and recent UT-Austin graduate Mike Miller decided to hop on the bandwagon with a post outlining the reasons he’s packing up for the Alley instead of the Valley post-college. Sure, there’s more diversity and less of a commute, but you know what Mr. Miller is really looking forward to in New York? Meeting all you single ladies!

A direct result of the lack of diversity is that there are very few women in Silicon Valley. A highly unscientific study found that the ratio was about 3 males : 2 females. Settling down isn’t on my immediate horizon, but I want to be in a place where going on dates is a reasonable possibility. NYC has much more favorable odds: Census data pegs the ratio at roughly 52% females : 48% males.

It’s certainly true that there are more available ladies in New York than men, but we’ve rarely seen anyone get so…logical about it. Census data and ratios? Be still, our hearts.

It seems like Mr. Miller isn’t alone in his quest for the perfect balance between a rigorous work environment and lots of boobs. His missive hit the front page of Hacker News, with many commenters chiming in to voice their agreement.

“NYC has so many women,” wrote one commenter named tstegart. “Beautiful women. But if you’re looking to have kids, settle down and move away to where your kid has his own lawn to play on, your odds drop close to zero. So many people date in NYC, so few commit for the rest of their lives.”

Looks like tstegart hasn’t done his required reading on the plight of New York’s single women.

But really, we applaud Mr. Miller on his highly engineerish approach to the post-college relocation quandary. It’s nice to know that he fact-checked what his dick was telling him with mathematical equations.

And ladies? He’s taking a job at Palantir. Ya know, just in case you were interested. Engineer Chooses Alley Over Valley Because NYC Has More Ladies